Dental Care

Dental disease is the most common health issue among pets across the country…

dental care


You wouldn’t go weeks, months or years without brushing your teeth or seeing a dentist, so why would you expect your animal companion to? Your pet’s dental care is just as important as yours. In fact, without the proper care and attention, your companion’s poor dental health could eventually cause more serious medical problems throughout his or her entire body. Cherry Hills Animal Hospital offers comprehensive, professional pet dentistry services designed to reward your pet with a healthy smile for life.

We offer complete dental services, including preventative care such as exams, cleanings and polishing, as well as the treatment and care of existing oral health problems such as extractions of broken, loose or diseased teeth and minor oral surgery, as needed. We also employ the use of dental radiology (X-ray) to further assess and monitor our patients’ dental health.

At Cherry Hills, we believe that you are your four-legged companion’s biggest advocate, and as such, you also play an important role in helping them maintain healthy teeth and gums.

We offer beginner toothbrushes that go over a finger, as well as small-bristled toothbrushes and adult-sized toothbrushes. Our variety of toothpaste flavors include vanilla mint, poultry, and beef. We also recommend a water additive that helps fight gingivitis and the buildup of tarter.

When brushing your pet’s teeth, focus on the canine and molar teeth, as they sit below salivary glands and those places build up faster with tartar. First put toothpaste on your index finger and just rub the inside of your pet’s mouth along the outside of the teeth to get them used to it. Eventually a regular toothbrush can be used, but it is important to start slow and give lots of positive feedback.

With consistent practice, your pet should grow accustomed to the process. We even have one client who started brushing their dog’s teeth as a puppy, and now she is four and runs to the bathroom every morning to have her teeth brushed with an ELECTRIC toothbrush!

If you suspect your pet may need dental care, schedule an appointment at Cherry Hills Animal Hospital today.


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