October is Senior Pet Month at Cherry Hills

October is Senior Pet Month at Cherry Hills

If you have a senior pet, you know the joys of having a longtime, faithful companion. You probably also know that keeping your canine or feline friend healthy and comfortable takes a bit more effort.

To ensure your elder pet’s well-being, Cherry Hills Animal Hospital encourages you to bring your pet in for an exam and testing a minimum of once per year. This way, we can track how your pet is aging, and we’ll have a better chance to catch any underlying diseases before they’re big—and more expensive–problems.

We want to make caring for your senior more affordable, so this month, Cherry Hills is offering 20% off our Senior Wellness Package for all senior pets over the age of 7. We customize these packages based on your pet’s particular needs and lifestyle, but a full exam, blood panel, and urinalysis will always be included.

Need more help caring for your senior pet? Schedule an appointment at Cherry Hills Animal Hospital by calling 303-974-9265.

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